Mitigating TB: An Overview

Mitigating Tuberculosis: Social Services and Biotechnology

Vassie Ware (Biological Sciences) and Kelly Austin (Sociology and Anthropology)

This project focuses on a pilot interdisciplinary program that brings students from the Science Education Alliance (SEA) program together for collaborative work on strategies to mitigate the global impact of tuberculosis. Biological Sciences students will discover and characterize viruses that attack bacteria (“microphages”) that are readily found in soil, as part of a large national effort to identify those that can be active against TB, while Global Studies students will engage in study of provision of health services in communities in less-developed regions. The student groups will engage together in interactive workshops to discuss their research, participate in seminars presented by experts in the field, participate in forums under the auspices of Lehigh’s HHMI-sponsored Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute, and connect with industry leaders in the global health division at Becton Dickinson.

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