Opening Day for Mountaintop 2014


It’s official: the second summer of Mountaintop at Lehigh is under way.

On Tuesday, the first of the 20 student groups working on Mountaintop projects this year began moving into Building C. The excitement of the big day was captured by writer Mary Ellen Alu and photographer Christa Neu from Lehigh’s Office of University Communications and Public Affairs.

You can read read Mary Ellen’s story, and see some of Christa’s photographs, at the Lehigh News Center.

Also writing about opening day at Mountaintop were the students behind the GR2OW project, who are working to design and implement a responsible system for food waste disposal for Lehigh’s campus and the Bethlehem community. In a blog post that succinctly captured the spirit of the Mountaintop project, team member Aly Lang ’15 wrote:

Advisors are great guidelines, but that’s just it, they are guiding us and nothing more. We are coming up with the “assignment” on our own. It’s our project. It’s our baby, and there are no limitations to where it can go besides ourselves. We are our own limits. Which is sweet and scary at the same time.

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