At Play at Mountaintop

Video by Stephanie Veto

A group of students at Mountaintop have been designing an interactive space for kids in a project they call “Shapeshifter.”  Before summer’s end, the students will build their design, which will change and shift shape as kids play and interact with the structure.

The project is an offshoot of work done by an undergraduate team for the 2013 Annual Playhouse Design Competition. After completion of the playhouse design, mentors Wesley Heis and Nik Nikolov, assistant professors of architecture in the Department of Art, Architecture and Design, saw an opportunity for students to develop new ideas in play space design as a Mountaintop experience.

Heis and Nikolov are combining their individual specializations in product design and architecture to support this multidisciplinary team of design, engineering and business students.The team includes Matthew Wetzel ’15, Luke Genthe ’15, Elizabeth Phillips ’15, Tess Fleming ’14, Benjamin Gingold ’15, Michelle Vollmuller ’17 and Dylan Petruskevicius ’15.


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